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At Black Hall Leisure we want to make sure every guest has the best stay with us, from the minute they book to when they get home and look back on their break. With this in mind Black Hall Leisure have some offers and luxury holiday lodge deals Shropshire that you won’t want to miss.

New to 2015, Black Hall have introduced low occupancy discounts for guests staying in the luxury lodges or Churchill Barn holiday cottage.

The discounts will be applied* when:

2 people stay in a 4 person berth lodge

2 to 4 people stay in a 6 person berth lodge

Up to 2 people stay in Churchill Barn

(Infants are included in the low occupancy discount – please see the definition of an infant on our booking forms)

The low occupancy discounts are automatically applied at the time of booking, either online or over the phone with a member of our office staff.

*If low occupancy discounts are applied to your booking you will be required to choose the bedroom(s) you wish to use for your stay, all unoccupied bedroom(s) will be locked for the duration of your stay.

If you have any further queries regarding low occupancy discounts, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01547 529 267 or email us at hello@blackhalllodges.co.uk

*please note rooms will not be left open for the use of an infant, an infant is required to sleep in a travel cot. If your child requires a bed space, then a child is to be applied to the booking.

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